Healing doesn't happen overnight, but is rather an ever-changing path through challenges and successes, exploring and learning, and finding a personalized combination of solutions that release you from the confines of unhappiness and dis-ease.

My personal journey is in a constant state of turning and expanding, always leading me to new (and ancient) methods, expanding my education, and connecting me with others. Along the way, I realized my dharma is to assist others on their journeys towards wholeness, through sharing my knowledge, training and resources with those seeking answers and a different way of life.  I opened up my online boutique and blog in 2016, and continue to share information and tools with a wide-spread community, along with conducting in-person classes, yoga, and energy work sessions.

Whether it is through yoga, reiki, crystals, tarot or oracle reading, essential oils, meditation, herbal remedies, or any combination of alternative tools, Blue Lotus Bozeman is here as your holistic resource for living a blissful and enlightened life.

Are you ready to take the first step on your journey?

Light and love,



Contact Lauren @ bluelotusbozeman@gmail.com