Joyful Jewelry

Jewelry has always been a weakness of mine. Plus, after working in an art gallery for the past 3 years where I am surrounded by beautiful jewelry and art, I have found my love for local artists grows by the day.

Enter Joyful Jewelry by Jenn Frederick.

A Bozeman, MT local, her jewelry reflects her: radiant and joyful! Her creations are wonderfully simple, natural, and beautiful. She works with a variety of semi-precious stones, so you are sure to find the right fit for you. Using 14k gold or sterling silver wire, her pieces are strong and hold up to even the most active lady (I have yet to take mine off). A delicate silhouette that compliments a range of occasions, from every-day wear to wedding accessories.

After trying one of Jenn's gorgeous Chrysophrase necklaces (but not feeling as deep of a personal connection to it), my eyes fell on one of her Labradorite creations and I immediately knew it was what I needed.

For the past few months, I have feel a pull towards Labradorite. It is a power stone helps with transitions and allows your to determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. (As a 20-something figuring out her life, I can use all the help I can get!) In addition, it strengthens intuitions, stimulates imagination, aids mediation, and helps cultivate enthusiasm and new ideas.

It has been a welcome addition to my everyday jewelry, and in combination to my spirit lock necklace, I have found a little more clarity and feel a little more grounded (which seems to increase the more I meditate while wearing it). In addition to whatever healing aspects the stone brings, it has an absolutely beautiful glow to it, and I always smile when I spot it in the mirror.

Take a peek at her Facebook page, Joyful Jewelry, and be joyful!

I never take it off because it matches everything!