How to Look Cute and Help the Elephants (at the same time!)

If you have run into me lately, it is a safe bet that I was wearing my elephant pants! (Seriously, it is almost to the point of too much, but oh well!) I wear them to yoga, work, and just to lounge around the house. They are ridiculously comfy, super cute, and a percentage of the proceeds goes towards charity. It is a win-win-win!

The Elephant Pants is a company dedicated to helping save the elephants of the world. $1-2 dollars of each item sold goes directly to the African Wildlife Foundation. Currently, they have donated over $80,000! You go guys!

Elephants are amazing animals that deserve our attention and respect. The Say No Campaign (by AWF) is a public awareness campaign with the goal of stopping the demand for illegal wildlife products, specifically ivory and rhino horn.

If you live here in Bozeman, you can find these incredible pants over at the lovely MaYarising downtown. If you live anywhere else, check out The Elephant Pants online to learn more and grab your own pair! There is a great variety of colors, and they have even started making shorts, rompers, and bags as well. (P.S. Guys can look very stylish in these as well!)

Much love to my beautiful friend, model, and fellow elephant pants fan: Margaret!
As an added bonus for Blue Lotus readers, use the code bluelotusbozeman on The Elephant Pants website for 15% off!

Have fun shopping!