Crystal Spotlight: Crystal Grids

Once you begin learning about crystals, you may find yourself... accumulating. Gemstones in the windows, on table tops, in bowls, in your jewelry box, in your garden... everywhere! So what do you do with your collection?

The answer: crystal grids!

Crystal grids are a powerful tool that allow you to harness the energy of multiple stones and direct it towards a specific intention. By aligning crystals strategically, you can create!

The first step is deciding on what goal or creation you would like to manifest. Do you want to improve your overall health? To bring more prosperity and abundance into your life? To sleep better? To improve self-esteem? To bring about world peace? There are endless possibilities, but whatever you choose, make sure that it possesses a positive intention.

Next, find a place where the grid will be set up. They can go anywhere that feels pertinent, such as a sacred space, an alter, a desk, your garden, or even under your bed! Ensure that the space will be undisturbed so the grid can do its work, and that it is clean both physically and energetically (I like to use a cleansing essential oil spray on the surface and in the air).

Now comes my favorite step: collecting and placing your crystals! (Make sure your crystals have been cleansed recently... learn how here.) With most crystal grids, there is a central crystal, typically larger and occasionally pointed as to direct the energy. The central crystal's properties and purpose are amplified by the other crystals present, and is chosen due to its pertinence to the grid's intention.

After placing the central crystal, place your surrounding crystals that will enhance the intention of the grid. By following a sacred geometry pattern (either printed below or intuitively), symmetrically spread the surrounding crystals around the center crystal. While placing your gemstones, focus on what the grid is intended to achieve, and once all the crystals have been arranged, link the crystals (either with a crystal wand or your finger) to get the energy flowing.

When I first started learning about crystal grids, I found them a little intimating... How do I do it? How many crystals do I need? Where do I put them exactly? Now, I love trying different grids and creating my own! Now, I love to incorporate crystal grids with other elements, such as candles, oracle cards, written intentions, you name it! So if you are just starting out, until you get to the point where you feel you can create grids intuitively, I will share a few grid combinations so you can get creating!

 Crystal grids ideas are coming your way soon, so stay tuned!

Until then, I would love to hear: What grids would you like to see examples of? Do you have any experience with crystal grids?

The Importance of Intention

"What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create."

"You're going on vacation? That's great!" 

"Yeah, I need a break."

This past summer has held quite a bit of emotional events for me, and I decided that the way to reset myself would be a journey to the Oregon coast. Every time I mentioned it, though, I phrased it: "I need a break."

What I meant was: "I would like a reprieve from ongoing emotional trauma, and to take some time to reset myself in a positive manner that allows me to explore the world and myself."

However, I kept repeating:

"I need a break."

"I need a break."

"I need a break."

So about halfway through my 12 hour drive from Montana to the coast, what happened?

My car broke down.

It was as if the universe was listening to my inadvertent mantra and decided to be literal: "Alright, girl, I hear you already! Here's the dang break you asked for! You meant your wheel bearing, right?"

As I sat in the Motel 6 waiting for the Subaru dealership down the street to open the following morning, I faced the reality of what happens when you put intention out in the world. Without direction and positive intention, how can I expect the universe to send what I desire my way?

Motel yoga.... Mo-ga?

Although I thought the scenery of my "reset" would be when I was facing the ocean, I found it unexpectedly beginning in a tiny motel room in The Dalles, Oregon. After a hot shower, great conversation with some beautiful souls down in the lobby, a full nights sleep cuddling with the hound, a little yoga, and dropping off my car at the dealership, I began to rephrase my intent and redirect my outlook.

"I am ready for a joyous adventure."

"I am ready for a positive change in my life."

As soon as my attitude shifted, so did my situation. The car parts that were missing for the repair suddenly appeared. The man working on my car offered a discount on the repair. The car was ready at the exact time I checked out from the motel. Before I knew it, the dog and I were loaded up and heading westward once again. The following day was spent exploring with the hound on an almost private beach, with the waves lapping against my bare feet as we roamed for miles.

As I strolled along the shore, I was reminded of an important mantra that we all should repeat in times of confusion, upheaval, or stress:

"Most benevolent outcome."

This sends out the message that whatever the possibilities are, the one that will do the highest good will manifest.

After a day of hiking, exploring caves, drawing mandalas in the sand, collecting sand-dollars, and a long yoga practice in a secluded cove, we went back to camp for a good night's sleep (as we had to return to Bozeman the next day).

Although it did not end up being my initial expectation of my trip, embarking on this journey still allowed me to reset and remind myself the power of intent.

... and in case I forget, the bill from Subaru serves as a good reminder as well. Sheesh.