Crystal Spotlight: My Daily Essentials

One of the questions I am most commonly asked is "What are the main crystals I should have?"

Although there are always some of the more popular stones you can always turn to, such as amethyst, clear quartz, and rose quartz, every person's energy and situation is unique, and that dictates what stones would be most beneficial.

Regardless, I always love to share what crystals I have connected with best and feel the most benefit from wearing everyday.

First off, I have an amethyst bracelet, which is a fantastic crystal to protect, heal, calm, and helps calm and focus a worried mind during meditation.

On my opposite wrist, I have an aventurine bracelet, which helps release anxiety and stress, aids in love relationships, and manifest luck and prosperity.

On my pointer finger, I have a large chrysocolla ring. Chrysocolla benefits all the chakras by providing calming, cleansing, and energizing vibrations. In addition, it increases self confidence, self-awareness, and inner-balance.

Around my neck, I have my labradorite necklace and my rainbow moonstone necklace, both by Joyful Jewelry (

click here to read more about Jenn's beautiful jewelry

). I wear both of these stones together as they encourage a harmonious balance: yin/yang, new moon/full moon, masculine/feminine energy. Both stones are crystals assist in the creation of creative ideas,  aid in transformation, and are useful companions through change as they encourage strength and perseverance. Labradorite is a power stone which helps determine the form of your dreams and goals. Moonstone is a wonderful crystal to assist in meditation, especially when attempting to connect with ones self and ones goddess/emotional side.

My current "daily crystal" essentials have accumulated over time to reflect where I am in my life and what energy I want to draw in. On the days that I require a little extra help, I find combining other crystal energy can be beneficial, usually by placing gemstones in my pockets. (P.S. Ladies: Your bra can actually an awesome place to keep small crystals... I have had friends and clients frequently admit it's their favorite place to keep them because it centralizes the energy right near your heart center... but obviously, to each their own.) However, I'm sure as I change and my energy changes there may be a shift of what crystals I will be drawn towards and wear.

What crystals do you like to keep with you every day?

Crystal Spotlight: Labradorite

Today, I'm shining the crystal spotlight on one of my absolute favorite stones: labradorite! Isn't it ah-mah-zing?! I wear my labradorite Joyful Jewelry pendant all the time (have you checked out her incredible jewelry yet?!), and have a few other beautiful pieces in my home.

Its name comes from Labrador, Canada, where it was first discovered in 1770. However, labradorite can be found in a variety of places all over the world. In Finland, it is referred to as spectrolite, but typically has a larger range of colors than most labradorite.

At first glance, it may seem predominately grey or black with a shimmer of blue or green. When you rotate it slowly, however, it flashes amazing iridescent sparkles of bright blue, gold, red, and orange. Flattering in every light, it is one of my favorite stones for jewelry because it goes with everything and gives you an alluring glow.

Given its transitioning colors, it shouldn't be surprising that it is a wonderful crystal to help you navigate life's changes and transitions! Sometimes called a power stone, labradorite is the perfect stone to help you with the transition towards positive growth and higher consciousness.

Some Inuit tribes believe that labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the northern lights and shines in a magical light that separates our world from unseen dimensions and realms. Labradorite is a powerful assistant in strengthening our intuitive abilities and stimulates spiritual awakening. Strengthening your natural energies from within, it aids in self awareness and helps us keep in touch with our highest self. On a physical level, it aids with eye and brain disorders, can lower blood pressure, boosts metabolism, and aids in digestion. Additonally, women find wearing it beneficial to balance hormones and relieve menstrual symptoms.
Here is my Joyful Jewelry necklace up against a beautiful rough piece of labradorite.
Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about labradorite! Now that I have shared one of my favorite crystals, what are your favorites? Do you have a crystal that you would like to learn more about?

Zenned Out + The Dingo

Today was a beautiful / uplifting /  marvelous / spectacular day.

Why, you ask?

Well, the sun was shining, smiles and laughter were in abundance, and my Zenned Out order arrived!

Check out the gorgeous packaging it came in! They even included a lovely magnet.

Let me rewind briefly to a week or so ago:

This summer, my lil' dingo and I shared our 4th year together, and I have been wanting to find him a special ID tag to celebrate his unique and clever soul. So while perusing Etsy one day, I was struck with inspiration to reach out to one of my favorite jeweler: Zenned Out.

Zenned Out is lovely little shop based out of Arizona that creates stunning handmade jewelry for the modern yogi! I have been a fan of their jewelry for a while (aka they have made frequent appearances in my Pinterest and Etsy boards), but I always been indecisive on what to order first. When I approached them about potentially creating a custom dog tag for Riggs, they got back to me lickity-split: Yes!

Fast-forward back to the present: it is finally here!

The hamsa on the top of the piece, which contains an evil eye, is for protection. Given Riggs's curious nature, along with his official title as my adventure co-pilot, I thought it would be a perfect symbol for him to wear everyday. Below his information, Zenned Out also included a lotus. Lotus flowers grow up from murky, muddy pools until blossom above the surface, which I feel wonderfully represents Riggs's past. Before he came into my life, he was found as a stray in Wyoming who was malnourished, fearful, and obvious traumatized from previous abuse. Now, after years of love and care, he has blossomed into a loving, playful hound who always ensures I am happy and safe.

Here's the lil goober modeling his new tag on our afternoon hike to the water falls.

However, now that Riggs's has some Zenned Out bling, I am getting a little jealous! I suppose it is time to pick one for myself... but which one?

chakra rings / no mud no lotus necklace / moon phase bracelet / labradorite moonstone ring / om mani padme hum ring

If you are unfamiliar with Zenned Out, click here to head over to their page and show them some love! Thanks again Zenned Out!

PS: As you probably noticed, that is not my phone number pictured above. Hooray for Photoshop protecting my privacy!

Malas: Focus Better During Meditation

My wood and rose quartz mala.

First off, what is a mala?

A mala is a necklace created to aid in meditation. They are typically made from wood, seeds, or gemstones. The number of beads on a mala can vary, but commonly mala necklaces have 108 beads and bracelets contain 27 (which can be used during mediation 4 times to achieve 108). In addition to the main beads, most malas contain a larger "guru" bead and sometimes smaller divider beads (to help you keep track).

When meditating with a mantra, it is important to keep focus. Malas are used as tools to keep count of how many times you have recited your manta, along with serving as a tangible and interactive object to help restless minds and bodies remain fully present during meditation practice.

Mantras are very personal matters, determined on where you are in life, what you need to reaffirm, and/or what you need to learn. Some are popular and freely shared (such as "Om"). Some you can only learn from a teacher or spiritual guide, and should be kept private and use as per instruction (with the accompanying lessons and empowerment). Some may simply flow freely and intuitively to you, and that is the one you should use (until it has served it's purpose). They can take the form of Sanskrit ("Om Tara" speaks to the goddess Tara which encourages compassion, healing, and strength), or English ("I am love").

Regardless of source, all mantras should possess a compassionate message towards yourself and/or others. For example, say you have a strained relationship with one of your coworkers. Although a part of you may wish you did not have to interact with them on such a frequent basis, your mantra cannot be "My coworker will quit.", as tempting as it may seem some times! Taking a compassionate stance on the issue, look within. Maybe it is from a place of jealousy that you butt heads with your coworker. A reaffirming mantra such as "I am enough" can help encourage you to realize your own personal value, and break the cycle of comparing yourself with your coworker.

Once you have discovered your mantra, it is time to settle down and meditate.

Ideally, find a quiet space where you can meditate without being disturbed.  Clear your mind of stray thoughts, and breathe deeply. Feel the grounding pull of the earth, and center yourself. Once you feel connected and grounded, begin your practice. Hold the mala gently and respectively in your left hand, with the beads between your index finger and thumb. Beginning with the first bead after the guru bead, count a bead for each completed recitation of your mantra. When you finish your journey around the whole mala, do not count the guru bead. If you wish to continue, flip the mala around (with as much grace as you can manage) and begin again the other direction.

In future posts, we'll explore potential mantras, other meditation techniques, and even a tutorial on how to construct your own mala!

What are your meditation habits? Do you have a mala to assist in meditation?

Joyful Jewelry

Jewelry has always been a weakness of mine. Plus, after working in an art gallery for the past 3 years where I am surrounded by beautiful jewelry and art, I have found my love for local artists grows by the day.

Enter Joyful Jewelry by Jenn Frederick.

A Bozeman, MT local, her jewelry reflects her: radiant and joyful! Her creations are wonderfully simple, natural, and beautiful. She works with a variety of semi-precious stones, so you are sure to find the right fit for you. Using 14k gold or sterling silver wire, her pieces are strong and hold up to even the most active lady (I have yet to take mine off). A delicate silhouette that compliments a range of occasions, from every-day wear to wedding accessories.

After trying one of Jenn's gorgeous Chrysophrase necklaces (but not feeling as deep of a personal connection to it), my eyes fell on one of her Labradorite creations and I immediately knew it was what I needed.

For the past few months, I have feel a pull towards Labradorite. It is a power stone helps with transitions and allows your to determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. (As a 20-something figuring out her life, I can use all the help I can get!) In addition, it strengthens intuitions, stimulates imagination, aids mediation, and helps cultivate enthusiasm and new ideas.

It has been a welcome addition to my everyday jewelry, and in combination to my spirit lock necklace, I have found a little more clarity and feel a little more grounded (which seems to increase the more I meditate while wearing it). In addition to whatever healing aspects the stone brings, it has an absolutely beautiful glow to it, and I always smile when I spot it in the mirror.

Take a peek at her Facebook page, Joyful Jewelry, and be joyful!

I never take it off because it matches everything!