Coastal Sun Salutation Flow

"Sun salutations can energize and warm you, even on the darkest, coldest winter day."
Carol Krucoff

Known in Sanskrit as Surya Namaskara, sun salutations are a common core set of yoga asanas that are great way to warm up your body, stretch it out, and give it a little work out before your day. Additionally, many yogis like to begin their longer yoga practice with sun salutations as well. I have found that even on especially sleepy morning, my initial morning sun salutes quickly help me awaken and center, so I often like to prolong my time on the mat and transition into a more in-depth practice.

Sun salutations are a great way to honor the brilliant sun, the earth, and the life that they forms, so this practice is a time to be mindful and radiate gratitude. During my most recent trip to the coast, I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for Mother Earth that I found it necessary to "stop, drop, and yoga"!

The following video illustrates my current favorite sun salutation variation. Given the loose sand, my practice is a little faster and less exact than usual (thus the slipping and sliding). However, when you are given the opportunity to stick your toes in the sand and connect with the natural world around you, you take it! Remember: it is a yoga practice, not a yoga perfect!

Note: Basic sun salutes do not include all of the asanas I have incorporated in this practice, such as three-legged downward dog, warrior 1+2, or triangle pose. I currently am working on a post that will give a breakdown of a common sun salutation, so stay tuned!

This was such a lovely experience, because what better way to remind yourself to maintain your "ocean yoga breath" than listening to the waves beside you?!

PS: If you look closely, you can see the dingo exploring the beach in the background!

Do you do daily sun salutations? Do you have a favorite variation?