Why You Should Have a Himalayan Salt Lamp

I love how my lamp casts a wonderfully comforting light across my cozy bed.
By now, chances are you have come across a Himalayan salt lamp. Typically glowing with a warm gorgeous orange color (although they can be found also in white, pink, orange, and red), these lamps have been popping up in natural health stores, crystal shops, interior design shops, even your everyday department stores. They can be found in a variety of shapes, ranging from a natural rough shape, to pyramids, spheres, and bowls. So what is the big deal about these lamps?

In addition to their pretty color, they also have a ton of health benefits! They can reduce a multitude of air pollutants, boost serotonin levels (which can help regulate sleep), increase the flow of positive chi in your home, increase your immune system, improve mental alertness, and improve your overall well being. A lamp that is cute and healthy? Sign me up!
With claims like this, it makes you wonder:  how does a Himalayan salt lamp actually work?

Firstly, the bulb warms the lamp from within, and the warmth attracts the moisture in the air. Then, as the moisture evaporates, they emit negative ions that purify the air, which allows you to breathe easier and more freely.

Which brings up a second question: what in the world are negative ions?

According to WebMD:
Generally speaking, negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy,” says Pierce J. Howard, PhD, author of The Owners Manual for the Brain: Everyday Applications from Mind Brain Research and director of research at the Center for Applied Cognitive Sciences in Charlotte, N.C.
They also may protect against germs in the air, resulting in decreased irritation due to inhaling various particles that make you sneeze, cough, or have a throat irritation.

My yoga teacher has Himalayan salt lamps throughout her entire house, and along with looking absolutely beautiful, I have noticed how fresh her house always feels. Despite the fact that she has three huge furry dogs and two cuddly cats, I find that I don't have my usual pet dander issues in her home, which can also be a helpful benefit of having salt lamps in your home.

For best results, leave your lamp on all the time (with a wattage of 4 to 15 depending on the lamp). Plus, deciding what size or how many lamps you need for optimal results is determined by the size of your space. Translation: the bigger the space, the more you need (either in a larger lamp size or by placing multiple throughout the room). For example, a small 5-7 pound lamp would do best in a small 10x10 square foot room, whereas a large 20x20 square foot room would benefit from a 30-40 pound lamp.

Just a few of the numerous benefits of owning a Himalayan Salt Lamp.
A word of caution: beware of replicas or low quality lamps, as they will obviously not have the same benefits. Also, although it is salt, your lamp was not processed the same as edible salt, so don't chip off a hunk if you are making dinner! (Himalayan comes in food safe forms, such as ground or cubes, and is much healthier for you than table salt.)

After coveting Himalayan salt lamps for a while, I am now the proud owner of one and I have to admit, it is a slippery slope! Right now I have one in my bedroom, but I dream of one day covering my whole house with a variety of shapes and sizes! The orange glow from the lamp casts a warm and inviting light throughout the room, which invokes an incredible feeling of peace and relaxation.

Do you have a Himalayan salt lamp yet?