Crystal Spotlight: Moldavite

Moldavite is out of this world!

Sorry, folks, I figured I would just get the cheesy joke out of the way from the get go! Moldaviteis a form of tektite, meaning it is a natural glass created from a meteor collision, estimated to of occurred between 12-14 million years ago. It can be found in Czech Republic, and is a deep green, wrinkly, rugged, and small in size.

Are you looking for a gentle, mild crystal that will slowly ease you into change? If so, I would suggest looking elsewhere, because Moldavite is not it!

Moldavite carries an intense frequency, and many people experience what is sometimes called a "Moldavite Flush", where they feel an intense shift in energy or heat when they first pick it up. I have personally experienced this when I was first exposed to this incredible stone: A few years ago, my grandmother placed one in my hand, and I experienced a unique energy swell, more of a swirl than I had ever felt in the past. Intrigued but a little unsettled, I was unsure what to do with that experience, so I chalked it up to "I am not ready for Moldavite yet", and waited... And waited... And waited.... Until recently, when I came across that same Moldavite white sorting through my late Grandmother's crystals with family, and intuitively knew now was the time.

Moldavite is known as a immensely powerful stone of transformation, designed for a purpose and will catapult you along your spiritual journey, evolved your personal relationships, elevate your meditation, and stimulate occurrences of coincidence, connectivity, and synchronicity.

It is firstly associated with the Heart Chakra, helping us understand our own needs and emotions, while helping us adjust to the ebb and flow of relationships and accepting of change and growth within them. It brings up what one most needs to recognize, honor, integrate or release, potentially something buried down deep or held on to from other lives. Moldavite is also connected to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, opening you up to divine information from the universe, especially during meditation. Experiment holding Moldavite while meditating, and see what you can learn!

Due to Moldavite's intense vibration, some people experience a lack of grounding or light-headedness, so I recommended gradually acclimating yourself when wearing it, building up how long you have it on over time.

A large percentage of Moldavite out in the world is fake, so steer clear from iffy colors, insanely cheap prices, and large sizes. As tempting as a large piece may seem, remember when something seems good to be true, it usually is! Additionally, I keep a general rule of not buying any Moldavite from online vendors I am not familiar with, and prefer to purchase in person.

Another small note to remember: when cleansing your Moldavite, do not use the salt water technique as it is too abrasive. I personally like to use moonlight and selenite to cleanse and recharge mine.

So I would love to hear, have you had any experiences with Moldavite?

Essential Oil Guide: 21 Drops Review

I am always on the hunt for new essential oil products and brands. Essential oils are a fantastic way to naturally improve our well-being on a mental, emotional, and physical level. 

I most recently discovered 21 Drops, and was immediately intrigued. When asked what set them apart from other essential oil companies, their response was what sealed the deal! 
  1. All of the essential oils used in our blends are therapeutic-grade, 100% natural, sourced from artisan distillers, organic or wild-crafted, and GC-MS tested to ensure their upmost purity and effectiveness.
  2. We focused on the molecular chemistry, so you can focus on the physical. Our remedies are pre-blended to treat some of the most common conditions, allowing you more time to spend time with your partner or try that new yoga class.
  3. All of our essential oils are safely diluted in 100% jojoba carrier oil.
  4. Our bright, colorful rollerball packaging makes our blends easy to toss into a purse, place aside your bed or at your desk at work. Basically, they're way more fun and simple to use.  
What's not to love? Unable to narrow it down to just one oil (how can you choose between 21 amazing blends?), the wonderful folks over at 21 Drops were kind enough to send me over the Let's Celebrate Trio to review, and I am in love!

The Let's Celebrate kit includes three 3ml oil blends: Invigorate, Passion, and De-Stress. Each blend is formulated specifically for inhalation and topical application, and every one comes with a fantastic affirmation!

Invigorate (#01) is a combination of black pepper (enlivens & motivates), cedarwood (maximizes endurance), juniper (energizes & invigorates), and rosemary (stimulates the mind). The affirmation that comes with this oil is "I initiate. I act. I deliver." This has been my go-to oil for early mornings and mid-afternoon for when I need a pick-me-up! Caffeine never seems to agree with me (if you ever see me with super shaky hands and looking a little grey, its likely the barista accidentally switched my decaf for something higher octane), so coffee is usually too strong for the usual slow-moving moments. However, one whiff of this blend is enough to get me moving, and once I put a little on my wrists, I am getting things done! I've started keeping this one on my desk so that whenever I feel myself loosing steam, I can have it within reach so I can get back in action! 

Passion (#06) is a combination of cardamom (enlivens & refreshes), jasmine (diminishes fears & inhibitions, rose (invites feelings of love), and sandalwood encourages self-acceptance. The affirmation that comes with the blend is "I am open. I am playful. I am inspired." If sunshine came in the form of an essential oil, this would be it. When wearing Passion, I feel radiant and goddess-like. The floral aspects make it a great date night scent, but I love wearing it anytime I want to feel sunshine-y and special!

De-stress (#11) is a combination of frankincense (quiets the mind), German chamomile (reduces tension), lavender (reduces anxiety), and ylang ylang (helps ease panic attacks). The affirmation is "I accept. I bend. I release." This oil is my new signature scent, hands down. I usually have an affinity for similar blends (as an old flame once proclaimed: "You always smell like tea... It is a good thing, I swear!"), but 21 Drops De-Stress takes the cake. Every time I put on this essential oil, I can feel all of the tension in my body melt away, and I am left relaxed and smiling. 

After the success of these three blends, I cannot wait to try their others! The next ones I have my eye on are #03 Strength, #07 Equalize, #12 Uplift, and #17 Digest, not to mention getting bigger sizes of what I already have!

Have you tried 21 Drops yet? Check them out on their website, and enjoy!

Super Duper Easy Paleo Pancakes

Since switching to a (mostly) paleo diet last year, I have been two variation of a paleo pancake recipe for breakfast that I absolutely love. Unlike most recipes that you can find online, this recipe has minimal ingredients and takes just a few minutes to whip up. Plus, these pancakes are little energy pucks fill me up and get me ready to take on the day. Either variation is delicious, and I usually decide between the two based on what ingredients are more readily available!

Super Duper Easy Paleo Pancakes

Using an electric mixer, stir together:

Variation A: 
one egg
one banana (the fresher the banana, the better it will hold together... if you use a ripe banana, add a spoonful of coconut flour to help hold it together)
1/4 cup to 1/2 cup almond flour (different brands will absorb differently)
a dash of cinnamon
a pinch of nutmeg
a itty-bitty pinch of clove

Variation B:
three eggs
2 bananas
1/4 cup - 1/2 cup coconut flour (add 1/4 cup, mix, then see if more is needed to thicken)
a dash of cinnamon
a pinch of nutmeg
a itty-bitty pinch of clove 

Heat a nonstick pan to medium high heat. Add a spoonful of coconut oil, and once melted, scoop batter into pan into small pancakes. I have found it easier to flip the pancakes if they aren't much bigger than my spatula. Cook until you can easily slide a spatula underneath and see a nice golden brown, then flip!

To be honest, I typically cook this while multitasking, and don't measure exactly or keep a watchful eye while it cooks. The result is darker, less "cute" pancakes (alright, slightly burnt), but they still taste delicious! (However, if "pretty pancakes" is what your after, try Variation B.)

Once you get the hang of either variation, try mixing it up with added fruit! I love to add blueberries into the pancakes, and next I am going to try a few small cut up pieces of apple.

Try at first not to add additional sugar to this; it has plenty of yummy flavor all on its own! If you want a little extra, try frying a few banana slices in the left over coconut oil and putting those on top. Or keep a tiny dish of pure maple syrup on the side. Also, I like to fry up some turkey bacon as well for a real breakfast feast!

Happy cooking!